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Highly qualified team of experienced specialists in major fields of marine transportation.

Unique experience in land transportation of cargoes to Iraq via Turkey and Syria. Delivery of cargoes is provided to the final destination by the specialized transport means, capable to carry heavy lift cargoes up to 200 mt each. Specialist guards and insurance are provided during the transportation on the most effective conditions.

Bearing the sea and river transportation of general and dry bulk cargoes on the door-to-door basis and using where necessary the different ground transport permits to select the most economically and logistically viable route and thus minimize the cargo owners' expenditures.

Extensive network of the operation experience that includes transportation from Black sea ports of Novorossiysk, Odessa, Ilyichyovsk, Baltic sea ports of Kaliningrad and Saint Petersburg to Angola, Yemen, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Iraq, Iran, Kuwait, India and countries of Far-East and South-East Asia.

Profound expertise in the organisation of the transit and mixed river-sea transportation of the general and dry bulk cargoes up to 2,000 mt to / from the Russian inland ports of Volga Don region to the ports of Danube river in Ukraine, Romania, Bulgaria, Serbia, Croatia, Hungary, Austria and Germany.

Long-term expertise in the organisation of the transportation of the food cargoes (vegetable oils, molasses) and light fuel oils by the shipments of 1 10 thousand tones from the Black sea ports to Mediterranean and Continental ports.

Our partners will provide good quality support for railway and river transportation of cargoes inside Russia and FSU countries.

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